30th August 2023

University of Cambridge Centre for Music Performance

The Centre for Music Performance is a department of the University of Cambridge which enables students of all subjects and levels of musical experience – as well as staff and members of the local community – to make cocurricular music of all genres a core part of their lives.

The Centre runs an exceptionally broad programme of musical activities, from orchestras to DJing classes and from instrument lessons for beginners to masterclasses with world-leading performers.  It also offers practical support for an even wider range of student-run and college-based musical activity.

The Centre believes that music is a fundamental part of a rounded education.  Their guiding vision is that nobody should be excluded from participating in music at Cambridge, and that everyone – from complete beginners to those who will go on to distinguished careers in music – should have opportunities at the University to achieve their musical ambitions and potential.

Cambridge is a great place to study for anyone wanting to combine a world-class academic education in any subject with deep involvement in music.

Students at Cambridge have opportunities to get involved with an incredibly wide range of musical activity: from world-leading choirs to a thriving bands scene, and from Hip Hop and DJ societies to Jazz and world music ensembles, there really is something for everyone.

Students wishing to get involved with music for the first time have the opportunity to learn an instrument from scratch, to attend introductory classes on music production, DJing, songwriting and sound technology, or to join an ensemble which welcomes musical beginners.

More advanced musicians have opportunities to join one of the flagship University ensembles or to apply for a choral award or organ scholarship or a place on the Instrumental Awards Scheme, the newly-launched Advanced Popular Performance Scheme or the Lieder Scheme.

A number of activities are open to university staff and members of the local community.

The University and its Colleges benefit from exceptional facilities for music.  There are numerous venues across the University, from historic college chapels to student-run bars to a fully-equipped Concert Hall.  The Faculty of Music is home to a studio and to a dedicated computer room running cutting-edge music production software.  Collectively the University and Colleges own well over 100 pianos, the East of England’s largest set of orchestral percussion instruments, a rapidly growing stock of drum kits, PA systems, amps and other equipment for popular music, a Javanese Gamelan, a set of traditional Indian instruments, some 30 organs, historic keyboard instruments including harpsichords and chamber organs, and even a specially-commissioned orchestra of baroque instruments.

To find out more about the Centre for Music Performance please visit: https://www.cmp.cam.ac.uk/

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