9th February 2024

MPhil Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management

MPhil Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management

The Institute for Manufacturing MPhil in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management (ISMM) is a one-year postgraduate masters course designed to equip outstanding graduates with the skills, personal development and industrial experience to be immediately effective in their early careers. 

ISMM students develop an integrated view of manufacturing engineering which spans production processes, operations management and supply chains, data and simulation, marketing, strategy, delivery of products and services, and industrial economics. As a result, they become highly sought-after employees post-graduation.

The University of Cambridge manufacturing masters attracts graduates from across the world and counts many leading figures in manufacturing among its alumni. Each cohort is limited to 40 students, which ensures an excellent teaching experience and extensive access to facilities and resources.

When they are not out in the field acquiring hands-on industry and business experience, students are based at the Institute for Manufacturing – a dynamic body of around 200 researchers, educators, practitioners and technical experts contributing to manufacturing research and education.

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