9th February 2024

Superdielectrics: energy, everywhere for everyone

Superdielectrics: energy, everywhere for everyone

A breakthrough energy storage technology to create clean, affordable and sustainable energy systems anywhere.

The solar energy received by the earth is over 10,000 times mankind’s consumption.

Solar energy fluctuates and is intermittent which makes economic storage essential and difficult.

Superdielectrics is developing the storage technology to solve these problems.

In 2016, a fundamental scientific advance in polymer research was announced by Superdielectrics alongside the Universities of Bristol and Surrey.

Superdielectrics’ aqueous polymers have exceptional electrochemical properties that provide a step change advantage for energy storage.

This technology combines electric fields (physics) and conventional chemical storage (chemistry) to create a new aqueous polymer-based energy storage system. This technology has already completed over 1 million hours of testing.

The energy storage technology needed to build a clean, affordable and sustainable energy system anywhere.

To find out more about Superdielectrics please visit: https://superdielectrics.com/

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