23rd September 2022

The Centre for Human Inspired Artificial Intelligence (CHIA)

The Centre for Human Inspired Artificial Intelligence (CHIA)

Artificial Intelligence must be equipped with a better understanding of the human intelligence, values and needs for it to serve the best interests of humanity.

The Centre for Human Inspired Artificial Intelligence (CHIA) is located at the University of Cambridge, in the heart of one of the most dynamic AI ecosystems in Europe. It is dedicated to advancing AI for the benefit of humanity and the world we live in

Recent years have seen transformative advances in AI. However, this technology must be equipped with a better understanding of the human intelligence, values and needs for it to truly benefit people and the world we live in.

The new Centre for Human-Inspired Artificial Intelligence (CHIA) brings together an interdisciplinary community of researchers to investigate how human and machine intelligence can be combined to yield AI that can best contribute to social and global progress. It explores key interdisciplinary challenges, ranging from how to make fundamental technologies more intelligent and responsible to how AI can best assist humans in areas such as healthcare, education, climate science and economic sustainability.

Cambridge can make a unique contribution to the development of more human AI. The university has a long tradition in AI and is leading across the academic disciplines that are now critical for further development of AI, ranging from STEM subjects to humanities to social, cognitive, biological, medical and environmental sciences. The university is also well-connected to national and international AI initiatives and embedded within a vibrant community of commercial enterprise, providing an ideal environment for impactful research.

One of CHIA’s key aims is to educate the next generation of AI creators and leaders, with dedicated graduate training in human-inspired AI. CHIA students will be educated in an interdisciplinary environment with access to experts in the technical, ethical, human and industrial aspects of AI. Early-career researchers will be part of all our activities. CHIA are committed to inclusivity and diversity as a way to deliver robust and practical outcomes.

Designed to deliver both academic and real-world impact, the Centre seeks to partner with academic, industrial, and other organizations that share an interest in promoting human-inspired AI.

To find out more about CHIA please visit: https://www.chia.cam.ac.uk/

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