20th January 2015

The Smart Shopping Trolley

A new smart way to shop!

Cambridge Filmworks have teamed up with leading product developers Cambridge Consultants to demonstrate their brand new innovation set to banish queues and personalise shopping.

Shopping trolleys fitted with low-cost sensors and Bluetooth Smart technology could revolutionise the retail experience – pinpointing the location of trolleys within stores and alerting shoppers to promotions as they browse the aisles.

As well as enabling stores to target customers with relevant offers as they shop, data from smart trolleys could also be used by retailers to understand better what their customers decide not to buy – it could help highlight areas where customers stopped to browse but did not purchase anything.

Dipak Raval, a commercial director at Cambridge Consultants, explains this amazing new retail innovation. To find out more about the Smart Trolley please visit:



The Smart Shopping Trolley

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