26th April 2020

New Webinar Series: How to Survive & Thrive in a Post-Covid-19 World

New Webinar Series: How to Survive & Thrive in a Post-Covid-19 World

Cambridge Filmworks have partnered with the Cambridge Judge Business School to produce a series of lectures entitled: What’s Next? How to Survive & Thrive in a Post-Covid-19 World.

Featuring expert insight and analysis from leading academics and opinion leaders the series addresses some of the key issues facing business owners today.

Dr Thomas Roulet

Remote work is here to stay. But leadership styles have to change in this new era of virtual office life, says Dr Thomas Roulet, University Senior Lecturer in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School.  Managing remotely during the coronavirus crisis is difficult because there is a “COVID fog of war” given uncertain business conditions that trigger employee emotions that are not visible to managers and co-workers.

So it’s important for people managing remotely to demonstrate “transformational” leadership that relies on communication, understanding and consideration of others’ personal circumstances – what Thomas refers to as “perspective-taking” or standing in another’s shoes.

“Transformational leaders are not saying ‘this is how you’re going to go, this is what you’re going to do next,’ but instead they are asking you how you want to grow. It’s a two-way relationship. A transformational leader helps you grow, listens to your objectives, then capitalises on what he or she knows to help you grow.”

Professor Mark de Rond

A tried-and-tested process can help people have “courageous” conversations with co-workers in the remote Zoom video conferencing era when misunderstandings can more easily fester, says Professor Mark de Rond of Cambridge Judge Business School.

For many people, working together by working separately is proving far from straightforward: technological hiccups, “pixel eyes” that result from hours staring into computer screens, and the intrusion of home life on calls can make for a dispiriting experience. Add to this a nagging feeling that others don’t appreciate how hard you work just to stay afloat, and these are the makings of a perfect storm. While, in the traditional workplace, one can more easily pick up cues as to how people are faring, what’s working and what isn’t, this is much harder to do when working remotely.

Professor Mark de Rond gives us six key techniques to having “courageous” work conversations in the Zoom era.

To watch future installments to the series What’s Next? How to Survive & Thrive in a Post-Covid-19 World, please visit: https://www.jbs.cam.ac.uk/covid19-insight/

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