4th September 2018

Versius surgical robotic system – CMR Surgical

Versius surgical robotic system – CMR Surgical

Next generation minimal access surgery

Cambridge Filmworks have been commissioned by CMR Surgical to produce a stunning launch film for their new surgical robotic system Versius.

Versius is different. Radically different. It allows us to think about robotic surgery in a new way. From the very start, the design has been guided by the needs of surgeons and surgical teams. Because of this, Versius fits easily into existing surgical workflows, while the console design allows surgeons to work in a way that reduces physical and mental effort. It will revolutionise the way we think about surgery.

Versius is both portable and transportable. Its modular design allows individual arms to be moved effortlessly around the operating room, between suites and even between floors of your hospital, to maximise efficiency within the OR suite.

With a uniquely small footprint of just 38cm x 38cm, the surgical arms fit comfortably around the operating table, giving surgical teams clear lines of communication and critically, enhanced access to the patient at all times.

It’s quick to set up and take down, conserving valuable OR time. Because it mimics the dexterity and range of movement in the surgeon’s own hand and wrist, it’s flexible enough to handle the vast majority of laparoscopic procedures. All this, coupled with the system’s portability, means hospitals can maximise utilisation and patient throughput.

CMR Surgical’s aim is to make minimal access surgery available to all. With Versius they have delivered a next-generation tool to fit seamlessly into today’s operating rooms, working in harmony with the surgeon to improve patient outcomes and deliver value for healthcare providers.

To learn more about Versius and CMR Surgical please visit: https://cmrsurgical.com/

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