16th October 2023

New partnership with medical innovators LifeArc

Making life science life changing

Cambridge Filmworks new partnership with medical innovators LifeArc.

LifeArc transform promising life science ideas into medical breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

They specialise in early-stage translation – advancing lab-based scientific discoveries to a point at which they can be developed into the next generation of diagnostics, treatments and cures.

Translating science is a long, expensive and unpredictable process. This means many exceptional ideas don’t make it to the patient – they don’t even make it out of the lab. By bridging the gaps in this journey, LieArc help more researchers unlock the potential of their discoveries and ultimately improve patients’ lives.

LifeArc seek out early stage discoveries, often in universities, charities and start ups and aim to develop them to a point where they becomes attractive for others to invest and move it along the innovation pipeline.

Cambridge Filmworks are partnering with LifeArc to produce a host of new films to showcase their groundbreaking work. Watch this space for new films showcasing LifeArc’s cutting-edge science!

LifeArc: https://www.lifearc.org/about/

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