8th February 2023

JNCC The Ocean Country Partnership Programme

Delivering technical assistance on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) overseas

The Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP) is a new UK Government-led programme delivered under the Blue Planet Fund. Through this programme, JNCC, in partnership with Cefas and MMO, will provide technical assistance to support countries to establish designated, well-managed and enforced Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) can help address the twin threats of biodiversity loss and climate change. Evidence has also shown that MPAs can effectively contribute to poverty reduction by improving capture fisheries beyond their boundaries, supporting the creation of jobs in trades such as tourism, and improving governance and stewardship of the marine environment.

Under the marine biodiversity theme, the OCPP will partner with countries who wish to develop, or further improve upon, MPAs and MPA networks, building capacity to enable sound and robust decision making on MPAs.

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