3rd May 2022

Internet Watch Foundation 25 Years

Internet Watch Foundation 25 Years

Marking 25 years of combating online child sexual abuse imagery

In 25 years, the Internet Watch Foundation’s expert analysts have assessed 1.8m reports, with human eyes. Of these, 970,000 showed imagery of children being sexually abused. Since 1996, they have helped to remove millions of child sexual abuse images and videos from the internet.

Their mission is to remove this material for good, to show every child there is someone out there who cares enough to help.

In 2021, IWF investigated more reports of suspected child sexual abuse than in the first 15 years of their existence. This is thanks to the dedicated work of IWF analysts, who spend each and every day assessing some of the most challenging content imaginable. They do this because they know that for every image or video they remove, it stops that child from repeated victimisation and gives that child some hope.

1,800,000 Reports have been assessed by IWF analysts over 25 years
970,000 Child sexual abuse reports have been actioned for removal in 25 years

Each report contains at least one, and sometimes thousands of images which equates to millions of criminal images removed from the internet.

Poet Katie Ailes powerfully captures the impact of the Internet Watch Foundation’s work on the lives of child victims who have suffered this cruel crime in this brand new 25th anniversary film.

To find out more about IWF and their vital work, please visit: https://www.iwf.org.uk/

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