26th January 2017

Innovation Day with Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants has showcased brand new, groundbreaking technology, product design and innovative development at its Innovation Day 2016.

The event included an eclectic mix of technology demonstrations in sectors such as healthcare and smart systems, as well as seminars and speeches highlighting the progress of technological innovation.

Emphasis was made on disruption in technology causing change and creating opportunity, and how it motivates innovation.

Alan Richardson, chief executive of Cambridge Consultants, said: “Disruption is about all investments made today being useless tomorrow. Disruptions can be made opportunities and used for change. All industries at this showcase have been disrupted by technology.

Cambridge Filmworks were on hand to capture all of the cutting edge demonstrations from sectors as diverse as robotic surgery, optical fibre systems, satellite phones and artificial intelligence.

To find out more about this years Innovation Day, please visit: http://www.cambridgeconsultants.com/

Innovation Day with Cambridge Consultants.

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