24th March 2017

The Future of Video

As we look back over the last year at some of our favourite projects it’s a fantastic time to also look forwards…

From Professor Stephen Hawking to Everest Base Camp, robotics to zoology, AI to DNA we have been producing films and media for some of the most fascinating people, companies and events of the year. But the future is looking even bigger.
By 2020 Cisco predicts that 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video and total global internet traffic will increase at 22% per year, making internet traffic in 2020 95 times greater than it was in 2005! Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that Facebook is prioritising video and in a recent interview he compared the adoption of video to that of the mobile web – “Video is a mega trend, almost as big as mobile.”

And that’s just the beginning: 69% of marketing, sales and business professionals have used video marketing, and another 31% are planning to do so, making video the single most influential marketing tool at any organisations disposal.

But it’s not all just about quantity but about quality. That’s why at Cambridge Filmworks we place the emphasis on producing compelling, engaging films, which make a real impact for our clients.

Our latest film takes a look back at some of the recent stories we have been telling as we look forward to the future of video.

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