13th March 2023

Cutting Edge Camera Technology from Cambridge Mechatronics

Cutting Edge Optical Image Stabilisation Camera Technology from Cambridge Mechatronics

Cinematic video quality is increasingly marketed with the latest smartphone cameras. This means that consumers are now looking for video mode capabilities with an increasing array of use cases, such as walking, running and cycling. To provide the best possible video mode output, optical image stabilisation (OIS) is required to avoid user generated picture blur.

Rotation out of the sensor plane is the dominant source of image blur for most imaging conditions, for which tilt motion compensation provides the ideal optical solution. However, the majority of image stabilisation is achieved by moving the lens with respect to the image sensor, known as Lens Shift OIS. With Sensor Shift OIS, it is the image sensor which moves with respect to the lens barrel. For both Lens Shift and Sensor Shift an angular correction is enabled by shifting the lens or sensor in a translation movement parallel to the sensor plane. Whilst this can result in images or videos showing good suppression at the centre, Lens Shift and Sensor Shift solution may still show motion blur in the corners. 

Corrections using computation software are often used, but these result in a reduction of the video resolution and thus the overall quality.

Module Tilt moves a standalone camera module, with the lens and image sensor fixed in position with respect to each other. The result is superior image quality as uniform image stabilisation across the entire image sensor is achieved. 

Lens Shift and Sensor Shift OIS cameras are typically rated to ±1.5deg shake compensation. Above that, the image quality visibly degrades. For Module Tilt, a uniform shake correction can be achieved for higher shake amplitude, currently up to ±3deg. The mechanical OIS means there is no need for an EIS application that reduces the output image resolution from the image sensor. These capabilities allow Module Tilt OIS to extend the video use cases from hand shaking correction to action camera applications.

Cambridge Filmworks were commissioned by Cambridge Mechatronics to showcase this highly technical, cutting edge technology.

To find out more about Cambridge Mechatronics and Module Tilt please visit: https://www.cambridgemechatronics.com/en/products/module-tilt/

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