7th November 2023

Cambridge Enterprise: Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development

Cambridge Enterprise: Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development

The Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development CRSD brings together leaders from the public, private and third sectors with academic thought leaders to create robust new, workable solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges. CRSD use tools and innovative techniques which cut across systems, organisational and behavioural science.

Their research and robust tools support stakeholders to co-create sustainable and resilient solutions in the following areas:

  • Sustainable Investment – bringing together investors, investees and regulators to identify and share best practices that drive sustainable investment.
  • Good Governance – we co-create policies and strategies for systems changes to identify power relationships and institutional formats to make them work. We test intended and unintended consequences to improve outcomes.
  • Responsible Innovation – we help to support and accelerate leadership and business models which support key transitional initiatives across global value chains.

CRSD are dedicated to transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research, as well as ‘action research’  to utilise cutting edge analysis and project design to deliver effective, transformative and resilient outcomes for governments and industry.

They highly value experiential knowledge, viewing it as a valuable asset in the action-research process. CRSD also believe that training practitioners in systems based thinking is an important part of our role as researchers.


The research and activities at CRSD enables:

  • Decision makers to understand the complexity of the systems within which they work.
  • Collaboration between stakeholders to pool knowledge and experience in order to create better solutions to complex problems using processes that are faster, cheaper, more comprehensive and more inclusive.
  • Provides a pathway for leaders and strategists, policy makers to tap into cutting edge transdisciplinary and systems based research and make it relevant to addressing their own challenges and opportunities.


Dr Nazia Mintz Habib, FRSA, Founder and Director at the Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development (CRSD)

Dr Nazia Mintz Habib holds appointments at the Department of Engineering and Department of Land Economy. Dr Habib has dedicated her scholarship to develop twenty-first century action-research methodologies that will harness the power of collective intelligence, smart technologies, and open innovation to help improve the decision-making process.

To find out more about the Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development please visit: https://www.landecon.cam.ac.uk/centre-for-resilience-and-sustainable-development/

And to learn more about Cambridge Enterprise please visit: https://www.enterprise.cam.ac.uk/

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