28th February 2023

Are We All Made the Same Way?

Are We All Made the Same Way?

Do you think that science can ever answer the question of what makes us human?

Made the same way is a brand new podcast series where Biologists and Grimes Artists discuss the fundamentals of life.

What happens when a biologist comes face to face with a female MC? Some probing questions, brutal honesty, and lots of rapping about fertilisation. Made the Same Way is a brand new experimental podcast bringing together emerging artists and researchers to discuss science, life, and music.

Hosted by rapper Oneda, each episode challenges a new pair to collaborate on an original creative piece inspired by their conversation as you eavesdrop into the process and hear the final result.

Made The Same Way is a collaborative project with Reform Radio and the Wellcome-funded Human Developmental Biology Initiative.

Cambridge Filmworks have produced a suite of brand new teaser animations  to showcase these unique collaborations.

To find our more about Made the Same Way, please visit: https://anchor.fm/made-the-same-way

And you can listen to all current episodes on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/show/3nlftKKnNUiw44jeBHLv0t

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