13th November 2020

1Spatial: Unlock the Power of Data

1Spatial: Unlock the Power of Data

1Spatial help customers make better business decisions and move forward to a smarter world by unlocking the value of location data. Global clients include national mapping and land management agencies, utility companies, transportation organizations, government and defense departments.

Today – as location data from smartphones, the Internet of Things and great lakes of commercial Big Data increasingly drive commercial decision-making – 1Spatial technology drives efficiency and provides organizations with confidence in the data they use.

Location data continues to underpin social, economic and environmental benefits and this is set to significantly increase in the future thanks to national policy objectives, as well as global initiatives such as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. 1Spatial are striving to make the world more sustainable, safer and smarter for the future and believe the answers to achieving these goals are held in data.

The 1Spatial vision is to be leaders in the provision of Location Master Data Management solutions (LMDM). LMDM describes data management solutions and services that cleanse, match and integrate data, flowing through into specialised business applications targeted to specific industries. ​

Their offering includes data digitalisation services, automated data cleansing and verification solutions through the 1Integrate and 1Data Gateway platform as well as business applications that deliver real value from your data.

Cambridge Filmworks have teamed up with 1Spatial to produce a suite of brand new films focussing upon the Power of Data, Innovation and the 1Spatial workplace.

To find out more about 1Spatial please visit: https://1spatial.com/us/

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