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27th February 2018. Posted by Cambridge Filmworks.

Institute for Manufacturing Roadmapping

Roadmapping is a powerful technique that has become integral to creating and delivering strategy and innovation in many organisations. The graphical and collaborative nature of roadmaps supports strategic alignment and dialogue between functions in the firm and between organisations.

The power of roadmapping lies in its flexibility, which can provide clarity and alignment of specific needs at all levels, including functional, organisation-wide and even collaboration between organisations. The combination of the highest quality research, conducted by researchers from the University of Cambridge, combined with expert application and delivery sets the IfM apart from other roadmapping methods and practitioners.

The key benefits include:

- Flexible and adaptable to fit the needs of any firm, organisation or sector.
- Decision-making is consensus-based and transparent, facilitating key stakeholders to take workshop outputs forward.
- A proven process that improves communication across teams and organisations.
- The visual representation of outputs are easy to communicate across an organisation.
- Supports a wide variety of aims, including the alignment of commercial and technical strategy.

Cambridge Filmworks have teamed up with IfM to produce a new animation explaining the benefits of Roadmapping and show how it can transform decision making within organisations.

Institute for Manufacturing Roadmapping
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