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Riverlane – The Operating System for Quantum Computers

Riverlane – The Operating System for Quantum Computers

Riverlane’s mission is to make quantum computing more useful far sooner than previously imaginable.

This is a defining moment in history and Riverlane are at the birth of this new era in computing. Riverlane builds ground-breaking software to unleash the power of quantum computers.

Their software transforms quantum computers from experimental technology into commercial products. They tease the highest possible performance out of quantum software to reach quantum advantage sooner.

Riverlane go deep into the stack so that their hardware partners can focus on the physics and build better full-stack solutions. They work with the chemical, pharmaceutical and materials industries to improve algorithms and specify early killer applications of quantum computers.

Cambridge Filmworks have partnered with Riverlane to create a suite of new films to help explain Riverlane’s ground-breaking technology – technology which promises to unlock the power of quantum and tackle global problems as diverse as climate change, new battery materials and the development of new drugs for incurable diseases.

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