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Riverlane: The Mission for Quantum Computing

Riverlane: The Mission for Quantum Computing

Riverlane’s mission is to make quantum computing useful far sooner than previously imaginable, starting an era of human progress as significant as the industrial and digital revolutions. To achieve this they are solving the quantum error correction problem across all quantum computing technologies.

Riverlane was founded in 2016 by Steve Brierley, a senior research fellow in computational mathematics at the University of Cambridge. At that time, the majority view in the global quantum computing community was that ‘useful’ quantum computing was more than 20 years away – or might never happen.

Steve’s own research identified a quantum ‘Moore’s law’ whereby small-scale quantum computers were doubling in power every two years, meaning useful quantum computing at scale could be achievable within a decade. Armed with this evidence, the support of Cambridge University and intensive guidance from ARM co-founder Jamie Urquhart amongst many others, he founded Riverlane from his kitchen table and has never looked back.

Today, Riverlane is nearly 100 strong with offices in Cambridge, UK, and Boston, US. The company’s mission – to make quantum computing useful far sooner than previously imaginable – remains unchanged from day one.

Building Deltaflow – the quantum error correction stack, is how they achieve this. Riverlane partner with many of the world’s leading quantum computing hardware companies, labs and governments. They are backed by the University of Cambridge and leading technology VC firms.

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