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Carbon Re: AI for Industrial Decarbonization

Building breakthrough artificial intelligence to master the production of materials for a zero carbon future.

Carbon Re is an AI for materials company pushing the boundaries of AI to accelerate the decarbonization of foundational materials such as cement. They leverage world-class expertise from UCL and Cambridge University in AI, energy efficiency, and industrial process improvement. Theirr mission is to reduce carbon emissions by gigatonnes every year.

Carbon Re believe in a zero carbon future for cities, with zero carbon materials at their foundation. This future will require new methods of production and novel materials. The production and transformation of these materials involves complex physical and chemical processes that interact together over time – a problem that can only be mastered with AI. Carbon Re are leading the way to solve the fundamental challenge of industrial decarbonization by creating the AI models that will accelerate this transition at scale.

Delta Zero is especially developed for energy-intensive process manufacturing. It applies the latest advances in AI and machine learning to uncover energy efficiencies and reduce costs and carbon emissions in industrial processes.

Cutting Edge Decarbonization Technology

Carbon Re is uniquely positioned to provide the cement specific AI solutions the industry has been lacking thanks to its world-class in-house machine learning, software engineering and industry expertise. Their first product, Delta Zero Cement, is built on the foundations of Carbon Re’s world-leading domain knowledge.

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