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British Society for Developmental Biology

British Society for Developmental Biology

Cambridge Filmwork’s new documentary featuring Broadcaster and Anthropologist Professor Alice Roberts has begun shooting at the University of Bristol Schools of Biochemistry, and Physiology & Pharmacology & Neuroscience.

The development of a fertilised egg – a single cell – into a whole human being seems to defy belief – it’s like some kind of biological miracle. But that egg contains all the information needed to make a baby that will grow into a child and into an adult.

This brand-new documentary has been commissioned by the British Society for Developmental Biology (BSDB) and will explore how developmental biology shapes the world around us and delve into the incredible processes behind life itself.

The BSDB aims to promote and advance the research, teaching and public education of developmental biology in the United Kingdom by organising research meetings, awarding grants to individuals and organisations. The BSDB supports young scientists and awards grants to enable them to attend scientific meetings.

Alice Roberts is an anatomist, author and broadcaster. Her research interests focus on evolutionary anatomy, osteoarchaeology and palaeopathology. She has considerable experience in science communication: she has presented several landmark series on the BBC and written seven popular science books

This brand new documentary is now in full production and will be released in full later in 2023.

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