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Gurdon Institute: Germline

Gurdon Institute: Germline

Human germ cell specification, programming and epigenetic inheritance

Cambridge Filmworks have teamed up with the Gurdon Institute and the University of Cambridge Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience to develop a new sting for their lecture series – Germline: the enduring link between generations.

What makes a germline cell? By developing in vitro models, and with authentic hPGCs from human embryos, scientists at the Gurdon Institute have established how pluripotent stem cells gain competence for germ cell and somatic fates in human. These findings are important for studies on human pluripotent stem cells and regenerative medicine. The inheritance of genetic and epigenetic information from the germline through the totipotent state affects human development and disease for generations.

Germline: the enduring link between generations.

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