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Embrace Everest Documentary on Amazon Prime

Embrace Everest Documentary on Amazon Prime

‘Stunning scenery, and amazing story, and humbling’

‘Amazing Documentary, truly incredible’

‘Inspitational Film! This is a great film. Its genuine and heartfelt showing real people doing something way out of their comfort zone. Really original!’

‘Stunning scenery, and amazing story, and humbling to hear how these two people have overcome adversity and dealt with things beyond most of our comprehension.’

Cambridge Filmworks have teamed up with the charity Embrace CVoC, a children’s charity supporting child victims of serious crime, to produce a dramatic 90-minute documentary charting the journey to Everest.

The new 90-minute documentary is available to watch now on Amazon Prime here:

Rhys and Hannah are survivors of serious child abuse that left them isolated and alone. Now, together with a team of novice trekkers they are embarking on a journey of a lifetime to the world’s highest mountain.

The high altitude trek to Mount Everest base camp is one of the world’s greatest adventure challenges reaching heights of 5,545 meters (18,193 feet) where oxygen levels are 50% that of sea level.

Rhys and Hannah’s journey will bring them face to face with altitude sickness, the raw beauty of the Himalayas where temperatures can plummet to minus 20 degrees, and a gruelling physical and emotional challenge as they attempt to overcome the darkness of their pasts to reach the highest mountain in the world. It’s a journey that not all of the team will finish and those that do are pushed to their very limits.

Embrace Child Victims of Crime’s  vision is to ‘be there’ for all those children and teenagers who, through no fault of their own, are victims of crime.

They help to take away the hurt, restore some normality to young lives and reassure them that other people really do care. Embrace work with police officers in every force in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man to offer practical and emotional support.

A must see documentary for lovers of wild places, adventure and stories of everyday people stepping out of their comfort zone to take on inspirational challenges.

Please watch the full film now on Amazon Prime:

And to learn more about Embrace CVoC please visit:

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