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CJBS Leading Strategic Insights

CJBS Leading Strategic Insights

Projects play an important part in activities of organisations. Companies are always doing something outside their usual processes, for example, restructuring, rebranding or developing new products and services. Projects are important vehicles for accomplishing them, by setting goals, creating plans and managing resources to execute the plans.

However successfully executing and delivering projects involves more than just goal-setting and good planning. It’s about the bigger questions facing managers, such as how to manage teams and stakeholders, complexity and uncertainty. One common mistake is that managers are good at tracking activities, but don’t focus enough on changing their approach to fit the nature of the project or the alignment of projects with overall strategy.

Cambridge Judge Business School’s one-day event, focuses on continued learning, on the subject of strategic projects, to complement what is already know.  The event included contributions from CJBS’s academic faculty as well as senior project managers, consultants and leaders in organisations.

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