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1Spatial – Global Leaders in Geospatial Data

1Spatial – Global Leaders in Geospatial Data

Cambridge Filmworks have partnered with 1Spatial to create a series of dynamic new animations showcasing their world-leading Geospatial data handling solutions.

1Integrate brings the power of our patented rules engine to your location data, delivering automated data validation, cleaning, transformation and enhancement. It gives you confidence in your data by assessing its quality, ensuring it meets defined specifications and is fit for purpose.

1Integrate 3d allows organisations who deal with 3D data to benefit from 1Spatial’s automated rules-based approach to data quality, data integration and data enhancement using 1Integrate.

Data with 3D geometries has been used for a long time in design/construction projects but increasingly also by national mapping and government agencies. The use of BIM as a discipline for whole-life asset management is also driving the need for an automated data quality approach, especially when trying to use 3D data alongside traditional 2D or 2.5D GIS data.

The Police Data Quality Hub brings the power of 1Spatial’s patented rules engine to the law enforcement sector. Working with multiple forces, 1Spatial have created a series of applications based on police data quality use cases to support the POLE data model (People, Objects, Locations and Events). These applications are no code solutions that can be easily integrated within existing IT systems and partner systems, providing workflows to efficiently improve data quality and secure interoperability between systems. The solution has been pre-procured on the Digital Transformation Framework which is accessed via the Police Digital Service Knowledge Hub.

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