18th March 2022

Cambridge Design Partnership launch The Innovation Stream

Cambridge Design Partnership launch The Innovation Stream

Cambridge Design Partnership is an end-to-end innovation partner, propelling global brands and ambitious start-ups to success.

Cambridge Filmworks have partnered with Cambridge Design Partnership to produce THE INNOVATION STREAM – short, insight-packed interviews, exploring breakthrough developments in technology and design with experts at the top of their game.

Each episode focussing upon a different technology field with a leading expert:


Jessica Platt on FemTech

Jessica,  FemTech Lead and Insights Researcher, explores:

  • the FemTech innovation that’s blown her away
  • sectors where FemTech is breaking new ground
  • the three pillars of FemTech development success
  • addressing FemTech’s accessibility and affordability;
  • the FemTech-shaped gap that’s waiting to be filled.

James Harmer on futuring

James, Planning & Innovation Strategy Leader, discusses:

  • how far into the future brands need to look
  • the building blocks required to ‘see’ a company or product’s future
  • the trends that will define the future
  • tech’s role in the future – and how it’ll develop to get there
  • how futuring improves on ways we look to the future already

Rory Cellan-Jones on technology

Rory, former BBC technology correspondent, shares:

  • the tech that defined an era
  • the story of Raspberry Pi
  • what went wrong with Google Glass
  • the appeal of the metaverse
  • why he’s yet to be convinced by crypto


To find out more about the INNOVATION STREAM and Cambridge Design Partnerships, please visit: https://www.cambridge-design.com/the-innovation-stream/

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