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Synthetic Biology at Cambridge Consultants

Synthetic Biology at Cambridge Consultants

Biology – Technology – Business: Bridging the gap between biology and business

Synthetic biology is poised to be disruptive to many industries. The groundbreaking combination of engineering and biological science will have far-reaching effects on multiple markets – from diagnostic sensors and targeted therapeutics to car tyres and street lights.

The idea is simple – applying engineering principles and methods to biological systems to create innovative and valuable products and processes. But the execution is more challenging…

Synthetic biology harnesses the incredible capability of living systems to process, assemble and recycle matter efficiently and accurately at the molecular level. By controlling this capability, we can persuade biology to do specific tasks for us.

Humankind has learnt how to control biological systems at the molecular level through DNA modification. We are now at the point where we can start to engineer biology rather than research it. We can specify an end goal, design, build and test.

Cambridge Consultants are embracing the opportunities created by synthetic biology – to enable their clients to move from biological principle through technology development to business value.

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