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Riverlane Exploring Deltaflow

Riverlane Exploring Deltaflow

Riverlane’s mission is to make quantum computing useful far sooner than previously imaginable, starting an era of human progress as significant as the industrial and digital revolutions.

Error correction is the key to unlocking quantum computing’s full potential

Today’s quantum computers have limited capabilities because their fundamental building blocks, qubits, are highly error prone.

It’s not enough to simply build quantum computers with more and better qubits. Unlocking the full spectrum of quantum computing application requires new hardware and software tools to control inherently unstable qubits and comprehensively correct system errors ten billion times or more per second.

Riverlane designs and engineers such tools.  They implement them with leading quantum computer makers using every type of qubit. This toolkit is called Deltaflow.OS.

Cambridge Filmworks have partnered with Riverlane to create a suite of new films to explore their groundbreaking Quantum Error Correction Technology.

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