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iDSI Explainer Animation – Better Decisions. Better Health.

The International Decision Support Initiative (iDSI) is a global network of health, policy and economic expertise, working to achieve Universal Health Coverage and the health Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 3). They support countries to make better decisions about how much public money to spend on healthcare and how to make that money go further. iDSI believe everyone should have fair access to health, receiving the right treatment and the right medicines at the right time.

iDSI forges regional and global partnerships that share the knowledge and support needed to achieve real world health gains. They focus on building institutional knowledge within existing health systems so countries can lead their own progress towards UHC.

iDSI’s work is underpinned by robust evidence, analysis and decision-making that policymakers, funders and researchers can use to balance trade-offs between different policy options and model potential results to make the best choice available. As a result, health ministries are equipped to make persuasive demands on public and donor spending that will save lives.

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