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Vortik – Power of a Cyclone!

Vortik – Power of a Cyclone!

In our latest film for leading product developers Cambridge Consultants we used a camera capable of over 25,000 frames per second to capture the amazing new Vortik technology.

The new (Vortik) technology, developed by Cambridge Consultants, harnesses the power of a cyclone to better mix and spray liquids. It allows different liquids to be mixed at the point of spray without altering the spray characteristics – opening up the possibility of new applications in agriculture, consumer and industrial products, and healthcare.

Patrick Pordage, Marketing Communications Director at Cambridge Consultants said: “Cambridge Filmworks have done a great job with a difficult assignment. To me, they’ve taken us to a new level with video and I’m delighted with what they’ve achieved!”

Adam Giles, Co-Director at Cambridge Filmworks said: “It was a challenging brief, however our high-speed camera really brought the technology alive demonstrating the power of a cyclone on film.”

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  • Editing and Post Production
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