19th November 2017

Zoological Wonders at the University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge department of Zoology is home to a thriving community of researchers who share a fascination in how whole organisms develop, function, behave, interact and evolve.

Their work bridges different levels of organisation from the cellular basis of animal form, function and behaviour to the interactions between organisms, people and policy.

Evolution is a theme that unites much of the thinking, research and teaching, as does an interest in the interactions between living organisms and their environments. The department prides itself on the outstanding quality of our research and its impact.

Now in it’s 150th year the department continues to produce cutting edge research impacting the fields as diverse as cancer research and diagnosis to our understanding of evolution and human development.

To celebrate the University of Cambridge’s Department of Zoology 150th year Cambridge Filmworks have produced a suite of 11 films with leading academics charting ‘Eureka Moments’ within their specialist fields.

To view all of the films please go to:


To find out more about the department please visit: https://www.zoo.cam.ac.uk

Zoological Wonders at the University of Cambridge
Cambridge Filmworks
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