20th September 2019

Suite of new films spotlight local projects for Cambridge City Council

Suite of new films spotlight local projects for Cambridge City Council

Cambridge Filmworks have teamed up with Cambridge City Council to produce a suite of new films covering topics as diverse as Street Aid, Conservation, Trees and Communities and People:

Street Aid

Street Aid has raised more than £50,000 in just over two years to help people get off, and stay off the streets. In our new video we look at how Street Aid works in Cambridge.

Encouraging Biodiversity in Cambridge

There are 12 nature reserves in and around Cambridge and CAmbridge City Council are working to encourage biodiversity within them. Our new video showcases what goes into keeping these space green.

Trees in Cambridge

There are around 240,000 trees in Cambridge, growing in a wide variety of locations including woods, parks, school grounds, hospitals, cemeteries, industrial and commercial areas and streets. Cambridge City Council’s tree strategy set out policies for managing the city’s trees to maximise their benefits and work continues throughout the year. As one part of the tree strategy the City Council runs the annual Trees for Babies scheme where new parents can apply for a free tree from the council to celebrate the birth of a new child.

Communities and People

Cambridge City Council manage six community centres in Cambridge which offer something for everyone. We go behind the scenes to find out what’s on offer.

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