3rd October 2018

SolidWorks Case Study with Cambridge Design Partnership

SolidWorks Case Study with Cambridge Design Partnership

With the help of SolidWorks Cambridge Design Partnership are breaking new ground in product design, with a list of patents to prove it.

When it comes to product design, the tools you use are crucial. It’s what makes it possible to properly express your ideas and develop your concepts. CDP uses a suite of SolidWorks software (SolidWorks PDM Pro, SolidWorks Standard and SolidWorks Premium) on a daily basis. After receiving a brief, SolidWorks allows CDP to rapidly create CAD models and 3D prints of its initial concepts.

The initial concepts are then refined. CDP uses SolidWorks to present ideas to clients and tweak CAD models in real time. In these meetings CDP’s clients can easily see how their products will look, function and perform in the real world. Cambridge Design Partnership take Production Design from initial concepts through to manufacture with SolidWorks at the heart of their work.

Please watch our new video to learn how Cambridge Design Partnership use SolidWorks to create groundbreaking new products for their clients.

And to find out more about Cambridge Design Partnership and SolidWorks please visit:


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