23rd October 2019

New Animation for Evonetix

Evonetix are reimagining biology by developing a radically different approach to gene synthesis – a highly parallel desktop platform to synthesise DNA at unprecedented accuracy and scale.

Evonetix platform will place DNA synthesis in the hands of every researcher and change how DNA is accessed, made and used – a new paradigm for gene synthesis.

For more than three decades DNA has been synthesised using a process in which individual strands are constructed by the sequential chemical addition of bases and then combined to create longer, double-stranded DNA.

Despite various improvements in the approach, there remain numerous problems in the synthesis of longer DNA. Current techniques are typically provided as a service, are slow, cannot synthesise all sequences and often incorporate random errors, requiring cloning time-consuming further analysis and sequencing to ensure acceptable quality. In addition, synthesis of error-free DNA becomes increasingly difficult as the length of the DNA increases, creating challenges for the use of DNA in synthetic biology where the ability to access high-fidelity DNA at scale is an important requirement.

Evonetix proprietary approach utilises a silicon chip, made by MEMS processing, that integrates physics with biology, and controls the synthesis of DNA at many thousands of independently controlled reaction sites or ‘pixels’ on the chip surface in a highly parallel fashion.  Evonetix approach is compatible with both chemical and enzymatic DNA synthesis.  Following synthesis, strands are assembled on-chip into double-stranded DNA in a process that identifies and removes errors, providing accuracy that is several orders of magnitude better than the conventional approach.

To find out more about Evonetix and their groundbreaking technology please visit: https://www.evonetix.com/

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