22nd March 2016

Microcapsules on Demand

Many of the flavours used in freeze-dried foods are aromatic oils from herbs and spices. But you can’t freeze-dry oil, so what do you do? You encapsulate the oil in a tiny shell to make a dry ingredient.

Classically, microcapsules are manufactured in bulk and, as a result, manufacturing is inflexible and uneconomic for small batches.

Product innovators Cambridge Consultants took a fresh look at the production method and came up with a way of producing microcapsules continuously with real-time control of the process.

Their solution uses two processes. The first creates droplets of the desired size – and the second encapsulates the payload in a protective shell. Essentially, they’ve taken a well-known chemistry method crucial to a huge range of industries and wrapped our own science-led innovation around it to create a more efficient, cost-effective process that delivers over and over again.

The result can lead to improved controllability, consistency and yield of the finished product – and reduced waste.

to fin out more please visit: http://www.cambridgeconsultants.com/projects/microcapsules-production-demand

Microcapsules on Demand

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