25th March 2023

JNCC: Turning science into action for nature, people and the planet

Nature is calling us. Significant changes in land and sea use, climate breakdown, exploitation of species, pollution and introduction of non-native and invasive species have drastically depleted nature. Globally, one million species are at risk of extinction. Governments, industry and civil society all have a part to play. JNCC provides robust scientific evidence and advice to help decision makers turn science into action.

The Joint Nature Conservation Committee (more commonly known as JNCC), is the public body that advises the UK Government and devolved administrations on UK-wide and international nature conservation.

JNCC provide a shared scientific nature conservation service for the UK. They are the mechanism for the UK Government and devolved administrations to pool their resources to obtain evidence and advice on nature conservation and natural capital. By operating at a UK level the JNCC are able to achieve value for money through economies of scale and avoiding duplication of effort. 

Across non-government sectors there is increasing awareness of the benefits provided by the natural environment and the importance of preserving these to ensure more sustainable use. JNCC are increasingly looking for opportunities to apply their expertise and advice to support this approach with these sectors, both within the UK and internationally.

To find out more about the JNCC please visit: https://jncc.gov.uk/

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