16th July 2020

ILUX Social Media Campaign

ILUX Social Media Campaign

IT services to maximise your business’ potential

Cambridge Filmworks have partnered with ILUX to produce a suite of eye-catching new social media shorts showcasing their innovative Security, Telephony, Cloud & Hybrid Infrastructure, Home-working, Rapid Replacement and IT Support packages.

Produced entirely remotely utilising animated text, carefully curated footage and scripted voice over the series has been designed for use on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Ilux technology and innovation can transform a business so it runs more efficiently and delivers better results. That sounds simple because it is – provided expertise and foresight are applied to make the transformation succeed. ILUX can do just that. ILUX examine every aspect of your business, then take it apart – figuratively speaking – to deliver systems, support and service so you can operate like never before. Productively, securely and based on a refreshing depth of knowledge and understanding.

To find out more about ILUX and their innovative IT services please visit: https://www.ilux.co.uk/

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