23rd September 2021

ILUX Customer Testimonials

ILUX Customer Testimonials

Technology and innovation can transform a business so it runs more efficiently and delivers better results. That sounds simple because it is – provided expertise and foresight are applied to make the transformation succeed. ILUX can do just that. They examine every aspect of your business, then take it apart – figuratively speaking – to deliver systems, support and service so you can operate like never before. Productively, securely and based on a refreshing depth of knowledge and understanding.

A true team ethos is central to everything that ILUX do – including their relationships with their clients. ILUX work with you as part of your team, sharing your aims and understanding your concerns. The ILUX team enthusiasm inspires everything they do from their commitment to excellence to their determination to enjoy their work. The support and encouragement of ‘Team ILUX’ benefits everyone from their own team members to those of their clients.

Here we hear from two of ILUX’s clients – HASCS and Broomfield House School – to hear how ILUX has transformed their IT worlds.

To find out more about ILUX please visit: https://www.ilux.co.uk/

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"They are a joy to work with – very professional, very skilled and also great fun to work with which comes in very handy on those long shooting days!"