7th July 2017

Greater Cambridge City Deal

The Greater Cambridge Partnership will work together to grow and share prosperity and improve quality of life for the people of Greater Cambridge, now and in the future.

Securing Greater Cambridge’s future through multi-million pound improvements in vital infrastructure.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership is the local delivery body for a City Deal with central Government, bringing powers and investment, worth up to £1 billion over 15 years, to vital improvements in infrastructure, supporting and accelerating the creation of 44,000 new jobs, 33,500 new homes and 420 additional apprenticeships.

The Greater Cambridge city region has achieved growth and success on an international scale, with an enviable status as a global hub of technology and innovation. With the University of Cambridge at its heart, Greater Cambridge is a world-leading centre for research, innovation and technology which has led to a unique ecosystem of bright minds, commerce and local investment. The inward investment, brought by this has created jobs and prosperity in Greater Cambridge. Lives of millions of people around the world have been transformed through innovations originating from Cambridge, from cancer treating drugs to smart phones. Greater Cambridge is one of only a handful of city regions which contribute to the UK economy. Its success brings jobs and opportunities for the whole region and beyond and, when it succeeds, so does the whole of the UK. Add to this the city’s prominent position as a global tourist destination, steeped in history, and the area is seen as one of the most attractive to live in the UK.

Cambridge Filmworks have produced a brand new film explaining the Greater Cambridge City Deal vision. To find out more about the Greater Cambridge City Deal, please visit:


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