18th March 2020

Global Hygiene Council film to protect us from viruses

Global Hygiene Council film to protect us from viruses

Good handwashing practice is at the heart of protection from infectious diseases such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Our film for The Global Hygiene Council demonstrates how easily a virus can move from person to person via hand contact.

The Global Hygiene Council is committed to driving worldwide behaviour change in hygiene practices to reduce the burden of  infectious diseases.

The Global Hygiene Council stands for hope, change and the belief that better hygiene practices can reduce the incidence of infectious diseases.

The Global Hygiene Council was formed in 2006 to monitor infection threats and raise awareness of how hygiene can impact on health.  Over the last decade the GHC has undertaken global studies looking at how germs are spread, how they survive in our homes and our communities and how they impact on the health of families.  The GHC has provided expert response to global hygiene crises and given invaluable advice to families around the world to better protect them from the spread of common infectious diseases.

To find out more about The Global Hygiene Council please visit: https://www.hygienecouncil.org/about/the-global-hygiene-council/

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