4th October 2018

From Storyboard to Screen

From Storyboard to Screen

Storyboarding is a commonly overlooked part of the filmmaking process and yet storyboards can be the key to unlocking great new ideas for film and animation.

The greatest incentive for storyboarding is simply the fact that a storyboard will help you make a much stronger film by allowing you to visualise your movie before it’s even made. This is a chance to try out ideas, communicate styles and create a blueprint for your film that will help you identify any potential problem areas or missed opportunities while you still have a chance to fix them.

At Cambridge Filmworks our in house storyboard artists are on hand to ensure that we can create dynamic storyboards for everything from promotional and advertising films to in-depth technical videos and stylish animations.

In the example here we storyboarded the launch film for CMR Surgical’s brand new robotic technology Versius. The Storyboard not only allowed our creative teams to visualise and collaborate on the look and feel of the film but also meant that we could communicate easily with our client on shots, flow and visual narrative. This was a vital part of the production process and meant that ideas and essential details were fluidly communicated to the location filming team. Please take a look at the final film below to see how the storyboard visuals translated and came to life in the filming.

We have even used the storyboarding style as a animation technique of its own, to bring to life stories such as this one for the University of Cambridge:


So if you have a story you would like to tell, however complex or simple please don’t hesitate to get in touch and see how we can help bring your vision to reality.


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