24th May 2016


FilmDrawer is Cambridge Filmworks bespoke video channel builder. A place where you can add and curate your films and content and build your very own video channel.

Fully customisable with your own choice of layouts, colours and branding, FilmDrawer also integrates seamlessly with your own website and web platforms.

You can add your films directly or choose to pull your media through from popular video sites including Youtube and Vimeo.

FilmDrawer allows you to build your own content channel without having your films muddled up with your competitors so that when you share your content your audiences will see your channel and yours alone.

It is the perfect platform for businesses, education, communications and online companies to tell their growing story.

To find out more please contact us today.

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"They are a joy to work with – very professional, very skilled and also great fun to work with which comes in very handy on those long shooting days!"