16th June 2023

New Training films for NHS AVM Services

New Training films for NHS AVM Services

AVM Services are decontamination specialists operating commercially within the Estates and Facilities department of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

They provide specialist decontamination training courses conducted by expert authorising engineers (decontamination) together with their specialist personnel (decontamination), accredited trainers and A1/A2 assessors.

AVM provides online decontamination training courses via their Learning Management System (LMS) platform developed by Cambridge University Hospital (CUH). This gives candidates a clear and consistent structure with intuitive navigation and easy-to-follow instructions while providing line managers with an easy method to monitor staff training and compliance.

Cambridge Filmworks have worked with AVM Services to create a suite of specialist courses covering subjects including hospital decontamination, cleaning, disinfecting and sterilisation, pathogen transmission, physiology of organisms, the history of infection control and the removal of microorganisms.

These easy-to-follow and highly informative video modules provide the training for candidates to undertake an online examination with a pass awarding a City and Guilds certification.

AVM courses are vastly different from current courses on the market as they are video based with some even containing interactive elements. There are no powerpoints to scroll through, and no daunting walls of text for the learner to digest on their own. Instead, the learner is guided through each concept through narration, which benefits both visual and auditory learners. The courses also include animations, illustrations and footage of SSD’s and endoscope reprocessing units, to assist with knowledge uptake and retention. 

The Learning Management System (LMS) offers candidates a clear and consistent structure that offers intuitive navigation and easy-to-follow instructions and has been successfully used in a number of NHS Trusts.

The LMS also provides line managers with an easy method to monitor staff training, compliance and support appraisal conversations.

  • Benefits of our online courses include:
  • Realtime monitoring of course engagement and staff progress
  • Focused on decontamination and quality management in a healthcare setting.
  • Relevant examples and up-to date information
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Written and produced by specialists

AVM courses are written and produced by specialists, so the information in the courses is current and relevant. A City and Guilds certification exam can be taken after completing the necessary courses.

To find out more about AVM Services please visit: https://www.avmservices.org.uk/

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