4th October 2019

CMR Surgical: Robotics Redefined

CMR Surgical: Robotics Redefined

Cambridge Filmworks have been commissioned by CMR Surgical to produce a new campaign – CMR Surgical: Robotics Redefined. Adopting a light-hearted twist the campaign aims to challenge a common perception that surgical robots are not portable.

CMR Surgical Ltd today announced the launch of Robotics Redefined, a campaign designed to challenge perceptions around the lack on the portability of surgical robots.

The expectation held amongst many surgeons is that a surgical robot occupies the operating room and stays there. Maximising hospital capacity is very important and many hospitals cannot afford for a surgical robot to occupy the operating room. CMR Surgical strongly believes this needs to change.

The #RoboticsRedefined campaign shows the portability of Versius with its modular design such that each individual arm (each with a footprint of just 38cm x 38cm) can be positioned as the surgeon sees fit around the operating table. This allows ease of movement between different operating theatres and even between hospitals.

Portability is important because it enables surgical robotics to be used to their full potential by fitting in within the surgical workflow. Portability also enables accessibility, an important mission of CMR Surgical striving to bring minimal access surgery to all.

“I love the #RoboticsRedefined campaign – it is different and reflects our culture of having a bit of fun while telling a very serious message. A surgical robot should work around the hospital and surgeon, not the other way around. Versius is small and portable and designed to be kept busy, which we know hospitals need. We want to make surgical robotics accessible for all and the design of Versius is intended to do just that”, said Martin Frost, Chief Executive Officer, CMR Surgical.

The #RoboticsRedefined campaign sees Versius travelling in a Mini Cooper around Cambridge to demonstrate ease of portability. This is the beginning of a campaign demonstrating the potential of Versius.

Find out more here: https://cmrsurgical.com/

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