24th February 2020

Cint bring new insights to marketing research

Cint bring new insights to marketing research

The Cint platform allows you to carry out your research projects more efficiently than ever before by seamlessly and rapidly connecting sample buyers to audiences, managed communities and panel owners at scale around the world.

Cint have a shared mission – to create the universal platform for gathering insights that help the world build better products and services.

They do this by fostering a culture of “efficiency above all” built on three important values – Accountability, Collaboration and Innovation. And because these values are embedded in their people, they are embedded in Cint technology too.

Finding exactly the right research audience, accurately estimating costs or even judging feasibility in real-time can be increasingly complex in advance of a large scale project.

Now, with Cint’s Access suite of products, it’s never been easier. Combine multiple sources from open, private and proprietary exchanges, manage complex projects, deliver surveys instantly, collect and analyse them, manage quotas and define samples and composition through one powerful, integrated tool-set.

Keeping an audience engaged is critical to maintaining value, which means you need to know precisely who they are and what they will respond to. Effective profiling, panel health monitoring and comprehensive audience tools (for both your existing panels and new ones) are at the heart of Engage by Cint™, allowing you to recruit, monitor, gather intelligence and monetise all of your communities.

More than 2,000 innovative global researchers, agencies and brands use Cint to transform how they do market research. We are powering the digital transformation in the industry with significant investments in technology and people like no other.

To find out more please visit: https://www.cint.com/

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