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CGI video showcases ‘gallop in the sky’

CGI video showcases ‘gallop in the sky’ in Newmarket

CGI video showcases a ‘Revolution in Newmarket’ with plans for amazing £10m hill gallop.

The gallop would recreate the conditions of the world famous Warren Hill while removing the need for trainers to walk their horses across the town in search of an incline, in many cases saving more than an hour and a half per lot each morning.

The ambitious plans, revolve around the building of an all-weather gallop which will start five metres below ground level before rising 30 metres on an flyover-like construction covering four and a half furlongs. It will be wide enough for two horses to work upsides and there will be a separate track running alongside for use by emergency vehicles. The all-weather surface would be 4.5 metres wide, the same as gallops across Newmarket.

To preview this groundbreaking structure, Cambridge Filmworks have produced a brand new 3d visualisation for the Jockey Club.

William Gittus, managing director of The Jockey Club, said: “This is what we hope will be a gallop for the 21st Century.

“There are about 3,000 horses in training in Newmarket and the next biggest is in Lambourn where there is about 620 horses.

“We have the growth and we have a demand for further growth.”

Matthew Hancock, MP for West Suffolk, said: “Newmarket is going from strength to strength, with record horses in training and yards on Bury Side full to the brim.

“The proposed new hill gallop will cement Newmarket’s place as the premier training centre in the country, and provide a further boost to the town.”

“A huge amount of work has gone into getting the hill gallop project off the ground, and I commend all those working together for Newmarket’s future, and to strengthen the future of racing in Britain.”

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