28th January 2023

New App Brings Together Some of the World’s Brightest Minds

A brand new app that brings together some of Cambridge and Oxford’s brightest minds.

From Astronomer Royal Professor Lord Martin Rees to academic and physician Dame Carol Black this series of insightful films is aimed at lifelong learners who want to dig deeper into their specialised subjects.

Expert Instructors include:

Ben Legg – Seasoned technology CEO, engineer, author and former COO of Google Europe

Professor Lord Martin Rees – Astrophysicist and Cosmologist, and the UK’s Astronomer Royal

Dame Carol Black – British physician and academic, specialising in rheumatology

Professor David Crystal – British linguist, academic and prolific author

Professor Kamal Munir – Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Cambridge and Professor of Strategy and Policy

Matthew Grimes – Professor of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Futures

Professor Nigel Shadbolt – Principal of Jesus College and Professorial Research Fellow in Computer Science

Ajit Joakar – Founder of Futuretext and digital policy expert

Professor Peter Williamson – Professor of International Management and Director of Management Studies

Professor Nicholas Chrimes – Internationally published author

Each course is broken down into a series of modules where learners can access core information and expert insights from this esteemed group of academics and world-leading thinkers.

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