16th April 2015

Brand new animation to demo innovative colour blindness technology

Cambridge Filmworks have teamed up with Spectral Edge to demo their innovative new technology – Eye2TV – the smart HDMI adaptor for colour-deficient TV viewers.

The cutting-edge EYETEQ technology enhances images and video, adding a totally new level of detail and colour definition. It enhances visibility, improves colour rendering, and regularly wins in side-by-side preference experiments.

Using a mix of stylish animation alongside actual demo footage we showcase this cutting edge new technology for the very first time.

If you suffer from colour deficiency or colour-blindness, then the Eye2TV adaptor will help you to better see TV and video game content. It enhances the picture so that red and green features and objects can be easily distinguished and the content made more pleasing. If a family member other than yourself has colour-deficiency, the enhancement can be adjusted to suit both their vision and yours so that you can watch TV or play video games together. The power of the Eyeteq technology inside Eye2TV is that the picture looks better for everyone.

A brand new animation to demo innovative colour blindness technology.

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