14th September 2017

Automatic speech recognition team Speechmatics

Cambridge technology firm Speechmatics’ has unveiled a breakthrough that could change how we interact with our mobile phones and home entertainment systems.

The Cambridge firm has launched a real-time, embeddable continuous speech recognition system in many languages – a breakthrough that it says will provide the kind of high level of accuracy and speed usually only found in expensive cloud-based services.

The speaker independent technology will be of use to a host of markets, from businesses requiring transcriptions to manufacturers of devices.

It will enable improved live subtitling, or could be used to gather real-time data in call centres. It will also enable offline email dictation on mobile phones or allow home entertainment systems to feature true voice interaction.

Cambridge Filmworks have met with the team behind the groundbreaking tech to find out more about their work.

To find out more please visit: https://www.speechmatics.com/

Automatic speech recognition team Speechmatics
Cambridge Filmworks
Cambridge VIdeo Production

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