30th March 2023

What is a portable film studio?

Cambridge Filmworks Portable Film Studio.

In the past, filming studio quality content needed giant cameras, giant studios and giant budgets.

However, as technology has advanced, camera equipment has become lighter, more portable and more accessible. What would have taken months to film and edit can now be delivered within a week, in much better quality and at a fraction of the price

…. And you don’t need a giant studio.

With cameras, lights, mics, an autocue and everything else you need to shoot 4k broadcast quality footage, our crews can travel to anywhere in the UK, shoot presenter led content against green or white screen and be home in time for tea.

With platforms such as Zoom, clients can easily dial in remotely to direct, produce, or just observe to make sure everything is running to plan.

Virtual interviews can also be held using Zoom, allowing speakers to dial in from anywhere in the world directly into the shoot.

In the edit, we can cut it down, add what you like to the background and grade the content so that it seamlessly fits within your brand. 

Using platforms such as Vimeo and Youtube films can be easily shared, reviewed, approved and delivered.

Are you ready to send out your message to the world?

If you want to find out more about portable studios and discuss your project, get in touch with us: info@cambridgefilmworks.com

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